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About the company


In my job as in life I do things with passion and heart, for me it is important to follow your passions and listen to your heart to be truly happy.

Helping, caring for and encouraging others is part of this passion.


Expertise and determination

It is by overcoming challenges and through practice that we become experts in our field. And it is through my training (past, present and future), my experiences and by staying informed of the latest news that I offer you quality care.


Positivity, exchange and inclusiveness

My mission is to offer you a personalized experience through beauty and well-being treatments, in a positive environment, of connection and exchange.


You don't have the possibility or don't want to have me come to your home? No problem, you are invited to our cocooning cabin, fully furbished to your comfort.

Why choose the cocooning cabin?

  • Parking available

  • Cabin made to make you zen and relaxed

  • Tea offered at every single visit

  • Relaxing music

  • Hygiene

  • Quality products

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