About the company

You don't have the possibility or don't want to have me come to your home? No problem, you are invited to our cocooning cabin, fully furbished to your comfort.

Why choose the cocooning cabin?

  • Parking available

  • Cabin made to make you zen and relaxed

  • Tea offered at every single visit

  • Relaxing music

  • Hygiene

  • Quality products

Choose Marine Esthetique, far from stress of the city, far from traffic, in combining self-care and relaxation, within the comfort of your own home.

Why choose Marine?

  • Stress is out of the window

  • Taking an appointment is easy and fast

  • Hygiene

  • Professional quality products

  • Very interesting prices

  • The comfort of the place of your choice (home or beautician's cocoon).



Contact us !

Marine esthétique
Beautician's care services at home or in cocooning cabin

9 Boulevard de Montréal, 06200 NICE

Tel : 06 43 08 06 32

Monday to Saturday 8.30AM to 8.00PM only with appointment

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Tel : 06 43 08 06 32

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