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Massages allow you to relax physically and mentally. They improve the circulatory blood and lymphatic systems, while decreasing nervous tension.

  • Californian massage

It allows deep relaxation,  and improve the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems.

Ideal for people who find it difficult to relax!


  • Deep-tissue massage :

The deep tissue massage is characterized by slow but deep gestures, targeted on the muscles and connective tissues. These movements help to release tension, thanks to the contact of a firm hand on the muscles until they regain all their flexibility.

Ideal  for athletes or aching  !

  • Thai foot massage:

It's a foot massage  and the lower legs which includes stimulation of points under the sole of the foot using a wooden stick, and massage of “energy lines”.

Ideal for fans of foot massages!

  • 4 hands massage  :  

It offers an incomparable moment of rest and relaxation. With four hands, the brain can no longer focus precisely on the gestures and lets go completely. You are therefore immersed in a state of absolute serenity and your body is completely relaxed.

Ideal  to let go  socket!

  • Massage  cranial

  It helps to release daily tensions, but also to improve the quality of sleep or to relieve headaches.


Ideal for deep relaxation!

  • Kansu bowl massage

This massage is  born in India.

The bowl used for this massage is called KANSU

It reduces nervousness, anxiety and anger.

The back, legs and feet are massaged with the KANSU bowl.

Ideal for improving your health and traveling!

  • Bamboo massage

The bamboo massage is simultaneously draining, relaxing and reshaping. The advantage of this massage is based on three axes: energizing, circulatory and energetic effects.

We find well-being and relaxation, circulation is restored, we act on cellulite and the silhouette is remodeled.

Ideal for feeling better in your body!

  • Signature akwaterra massage

The Akwaterra are small porcelain accessories filled with hot water.


Each has a specific shape and the heat diffused during the massage accentuates the benefits of the oils.  


The infinite softness of the accessories gives you extraordinarily delicious sensations.

The diffuse heat relieves tension and immerses you in absolute relaxation.

This massage is unique, because I created my own protocol.

Ideal  for a great moment of well-being and relaxation!


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