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Presentation: Airless bottle (recyclable plastic) - Capacity: 50 ml

Suitable for all skin types, Beauté Simple unifying cream reduces dark spots and complexion imperfections. Hydrated and unified, your skin regains youth and radiance. To be used in synergy with the serum or oil More spots for an optimal result.

Cream more stains

    • Lemon water: ideal for lightening and having beautiful skin.
    • Wakame extract: this active ingredient inhibits the action of tyrosinase in order to limit the production of melanin. It reduces the color of the skin and unifies it.
    • Safflower oil: rich in Omega 6, vitamin K and antioxidant active ingredients, this oil repairs, restructures and nourishes the most sensitive skin. Fluid and light, it preserves the elasticity and hydration of the skin.
    • Sesame oil: Regenerating, softening, it maintains good hydration of your skin
    • Sunflower wax: Which prevents dehydration and has calming, nourishing and antibacterial properties.
    • Vitamin E: To fight against free radicals, prevent signs of aging, protect the skin. According to scientific studies, the application of vitamin E helps repair and improve the appearance of damaged tissue (such as acne marks)
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