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Presentation: Tube (Recyclable plastic) - Capacity: 40 ml

Objective to rid the skin of dead cells for soft and luminous skin, ready to receive Beauté Simple treatments

This scrub will be your "healthy glow" and "soft skin" ally, to be used once or twice a week.

Did you know that even by applying the best moisturizing and nourishing products, if you have not previously rid your skin of dead cells… nothing will help!

Slow Cosmétique recommends a regular exfoliation, the first anti-aging gesture!

Take a little product, work it in rotating movements over the entire face, neck and décolleté, rinse, touch and admire!

Maximum efficiency with 98.84% of the ingredients are of natural origin of which 74.67% are from organic farming.

Velvet Exfoliating Face Cream

  • Water, sunflower hule, vegetable glycerin, ester of vegetable origin, oil derived from coconut, vegetable surfactants, organic muscat rose powder, clay, organic shea butter, coconut alcohol, Aloe vera, extract of bark of jujube, vit E, natural fragrance, xanthan gum, fruit acids.

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