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Think of the right gift to please.

You can choose the value, or the service of your choice.

example : massage for Madam or Sir? or a facial treatment? or even a simple beauty brand product?

When you offer the gift voucher, the person will choose what suits them (on all services or beauty products)

Gift voucher valid for 3 months

You can collect the gift voucher:

In the cocooning cabin or once payment has been made, you will receive the gift voucher by email to print.

For more info or to personalize your gift do not hesitate to contact me.

Gift voucher - Value

  • Non remboursable.

    Le bon cadeau est valable 6 mois à partir de sa date d'émission .

    Passé ce délai, il sera nul et non avenu.

    Non remboursable.

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