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Presentation: Airless bottle (recyclable plastic) - Capacity: 50 ml

90% of active ingredients

Your skin is shining,
buttons are your daily life?
Never mind…

Discover the fabulous magic serum!

Apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed skin ...

Magic purity serum

  • Mint water, water, aloe vera extract, vegetable glycerin, olive oil, shea butter, sea water, emollient fatty alcohol, candelilla wax, microcrystalline cellulose and in gum (absorbs sebum), pumpkin seed oil, beech bud extract, marigold flower extract, St. John's wort flower extract, xanthan gum, organic preservatives , perfume, ingredients naturally present in essential oils, vitamin E, conditioning and softening surfactant.

    ... All with a delicious woody scent that men love

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