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Presentation: Airless bottle (recyclable plastic) - Capacity: 30 ml

With a watery texture, The More Tasks Serum is a concentrate of active ingredients that will blur the stains and other imperfections of your skin day after day to unify your complexion in a lasting way. Its active ingredients will illuminate your skin while preserving it from skin aging.

Contains: lemon water, aloe vera, licorice extract, wakame extract, goji berry extract, dandelion extract, extract of blueberry.

Precaution for use: apply twice a day morning and evening to perfectly cleansed skin, then apply in the morning and evening the Cream No more spots.

The serum no longer stains

    • Lemon water: ideal for brightening and having a beautiful skin, lemon hydrosol offers immediately visible luminosity.
    • Aloe will see: Moisturizing, nutritious, healing, soothing, tightening… aloe vera is a powerful active ingredient!
    • Licorice extract: used for its effectiveness against skin pigmentation problems, licorice brightens the complexion and illuminates the skin.
    • Wakame extract: this active ingredient inhibits the action of tyrosinase in order to limit the production of melanin. It reduces the color of the skin and unifies it.
    • Goji berry extract: which restores radiance to dull and tired complexions. It also protects the skin from oxidative stress.
    • Dandelion extract: Its action against free radicals is effective in keeping skin young and supple for a very long time.
    • Bilberry extract: Bilberry extract is a plant ingredient rich in natural fruit acids and Alpha Hydro Acid (AHA). Blueberries, 9 times more antioxidant than grapes. It is a real asset for stronger, healthier skin that resists the first fine lines.
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