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Presentation: Airless bottle (recyclable plastic) - Capacity: 100 ml

Silky and non-greasy, this cream is essential to use at any time of the day. Sweet almond oil and mimosa, jojoba and sunflower waxes nourish and repair dry and damaged hands while protecting them from premature skin aging.

Day after day, the hands become soft, supple and the nails are strengthened.

The essential: Hand and nail cream

  • Damask rose floral water *, Water, Orange blossom hydrosol *, vegetable glycerin, sweet almond oil *, emulsifier of natural origin (derivative of hexaglycerol and stearic acid), squalane ( emollient), jojoba esters (mixture of wax and jojoba oil), fatty acids (stearic acid, palmitic acid), sunflower wax, microcrystalline cellulose (stabilizer), fatty alcohols (emollients), perfume, alcohol, xanthan gum , cellulose derivative, mimosa flower wax, fatty acid ester of vegetable origin (emulsifier), preservative (organic), sunflower oil, vitamin E, flower / leaf extract / donkey thistle strain or false acanthus onopordon, caustic soda, aromatic compounds naturally present in the perfume based on essential oils

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