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Presentation: Bottle (recyclable plastic) - Capacity: 150 ml

Double cleansing is the basis for healthy and luminous skin! It is the most effective and skin-friendly cleaning method

Start with the cleansing oil and end with the magic water that matches your skin type

Fan of layering? Use the cleansing gel between the oil and the magic water, clear skin guaranteed!

Cleansing oil

  • Organic argan oil: invigorating and softening organic sesame oil: rich in antioxidants, an asset in anti-aging care organic soybean oil: moisturizing and nourishing apricot kernel oil BIO: oil known for its anti-aging and softening effects of rosehip oil BIO: oil known for its exceptional anti-aging action. It is the ideal active ingredient to nourish dry, sensitive or marked skin with ORGANIC Jojoba oil: Regulating. It protects the skin from dehydration

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