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Presentation: Jar (recyclable plastic) - Capacity: 150 ml

Objective to rid the skin of dead cells for soft skin
and smooth all year round, ideal before waxing or to maintain the tan long after summer

Discover a really different body scrub ...

A melting texture, a delicious scent for soft, supple skin perfectly hydrated in a single gesture!

To apply to dry skin by lightly touching the whole body,

Once or twice a week for a bluffing effect!

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin of which 55.5% are from organic farming.

Melting citrus body scrub

  • Sunflower oil, sea salt, Essence of orange zest, fatty ester, mimosa and jojoba wax, fatty esters, emollients of vegetable origin, essence of grapefruit peel.

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