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Presentation: Airless bottle (recyclable plastic) - Capacity: 50 ml

Objective to prevent the first fine lines of mixed-prone skin

It's your cream when the weather starts to show it's been there.

In any case, we will do everything to stop it!

The texture, fluid is for you who can not stand the feeling of fat, the impression of something that sticks.

Moisturizing cream - Act 2 - Normal to combination skin, dehydrated

  • Aloe vera, sunflower oil, organic shea butter, glycerin, natural emulsifier, emulsifier based on mimosa, jojoba, sunflower, orig. vegetable (2), organic baobab oil, inca Inchi oil, organic aloe vera extract, pea protein extract, natural hyaluronic acid, green micro algae, natural vitamin E, corn starch, xanthan gum, perfume, organic preservatives, aromatic compounds naturally present in essential oils.

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