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Presentation: Bottle (recyclable plastic) - Capacity: 150 ml

Do you like to enjoy the rays of the sun? Getting a nice hale safely?
The "Rayon de soleil" cream is a good compromise but be careful, do not expose yourself during the hottest hours and especially repeat the application often.
Perfect for the face as for the body, your skin will remain soft and supple thanks to the action of coconut oil, sesame seed, shea butter, Tamanu oil

Organic sunscreen for face and body - SPF 25 - Rayon de soleil

  • peppermint water, esterified oil, esterified coconut oil, organic glycerin, coconut oil, vegetable fats, titanium dioxide (not in nano size), vegetable alcohol, zinc oxide, seed oil sesame, shea butter, natural fragrance based on essential oils, fat of natural origin, tamanu oil (calophyll), water, sodium salt, aluminum hydroxide, natural colors, magnesium sulfate, salt, sorbitan oleate, natural dye, magnesium hydroxide, dihydroacetic acid, preservative accepted in organic type alcohol.

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