Here is a before / after eyelash enhancement + black eyelash tint.


  • Eyelash tinting:

allows you to color your eyelashes with the color of your choice (black or brown)

  • Eyebrow tint:

allows you to color your eyebrows to intensify the look




  • Eyelash enhancement:

Silicone enhancement is a technique that lifts eyelashes from the roots.

More natural than a permanent lash made with curlers. The lash tips will be more visible from the front, the lashes will look longer. Care to renew every 2 months.


  • Semi permanent mascara:


Revolutionary technique that comes from the United States, It is advisable to combine this treatment with a lash lift before.

Each eyelash is coated one by one, one or two layers of this mascara to give them a curvature, color and thick sheathing for a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

Water resistant, steam room and sauna.